Hi! I’m Carolyn Bay


I am a Coach helping people get the focus they need to take their life to the next level.


I believe that success is an inside job and I’ve learned that the answers you come up with to some simple questions on your clarity, courage, energy productivity and influence, will tell you a lot about how to create the success and happiness you crave in your life.


As a High Performance Coach I can 10X your results. How would you like to see this turn out?

Who says you can't have it all?

You may feel that you are forced to choose between success at work and being present for your family. How often do the ever increasing demands on your time and added pressure from work, make you feel the need to compromise on your personal life? How often do you have to cancel family events or not turn up AGAIN for that dance rehearsal or football game?  


It seems crazy to say, but I have been in your shoes before and feeling the overwhelming pressure that my life was out of balance. I opted to not go down the path of climbing the ladder to the top in my professional life. I chose instead to try a number of businesses and also differing jobs to keep me occupied. These were intended to give me the flexibility to be available for my husband and children. But that wasn’t enough and my free time soon started to disappear again.


I knew that something needed to change or the next 10 years were going to be exactly like the previous 10 years. Sounds familiar? I made the conscious decision to seek help, to have someone on my team so that I could make all the changes I needed, to have a happier and more successful life.


Once I got myself a coach and learned how to implement all the required changes at the speed needed to take me to the next level, my life changed.  I learned the secret to having it all. I have learned how to let go of my limiting beliefs, to speak up, to put myself first without shame or guilt, to have immense energy and to live my purpose. I have succeeded in creating a life of true freedom by having the balance between a successful business and all the time I need for my family and myself.


Are you ready to go to your next level?  Contact me now!

I am available for


One on One Coaching

Coaching in High Performance Habits that will help you 10X your life.


Group Coaching

Coaching in High Performance Habits within a group setting that will help you improve your life while making a lower investment.



Half day, full day and 2 day workshops to help you align your purpose with your reality using Success Principles.


Keynote Speech

To help your audience with ideas and tools that enable each participant to create the life they desire.

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