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For the Bold and Brave Woman ready to create

the rest of her life as the best of her life

The greatest gift you can give this world is you being you - fully, authentically and unapologetically.

Am I Right?

You’ve battled with self-doubt, attempting to convince yourself that contentment can coexist with fleeting dissatisfaction. You’ve waged internal wars to shape your beliefs, master stress, and suppress your inner flames, all while smothering those pesky doubts. And OMG! you’ve fought hard.


But here’s the truth – the kind that hits you like a lightning bolt of divine intervention – buried beneath it all, that relentless sensation still courses within you. A deafening whisper echoing from your core, defying all attempts to silence it. It’s not asking anymore; it’s demanding you remember who you are, reconnect with you, and step into being you.

You know the choices, right? They’re there, lurking in the shadows. You could settle, for the lukewarm relationship, for the treadmill existence that burns you out, for conforming to the world’s expectations while your soul’s yearnings wither. You could ignore that chasm between the blazing potential you possess and the life that’s timidly unfolding before you. You could.


But listen here, brave woman on the cusp of rewriting her story – those choices? They’re not the only ones. You could also choose to shatter the damn ceiling, to light your own fire, to craft a symphony from your doubts. You could choose to unapologetically sculpt the life that’s yours by divine right, the one that trembles with the power of your unleashed authenticity.

So, are YOU ready?

Ready to seize life by its untamed reins, ready to sculpt magnificence from the raw clay of your dreams? The universe is waiting, holding its breath as you step into your power, as you turn "could" into "will." This is YOUR TIME – make the rest of your life the very best of your life.

If you’re feeling called to step up and into your true potential,

you’re in the


Trusted by Wise and Wonderful Women Like You

(and some enlightened men too!)


Carolyn’s coaching propelled me to unimaginable growth. With her, I gained profound clarity, unwavering energy, and the courage to stay true to my aspirations. Her genuine support created a space for vulnerability and accountability, helping me surpass my own expectations.


Carolyn’s coaching is unparalleled – having worked with numerous coaches, she stands out as the best. Her guidance helped me transcend career challenges, fostering growth in all aspects of my life. With her extensive expertise and caring nature, she unearthed hidden strengths and transformed my creativity, relationships, and self-care, making me feel truly alive and equipped to thrive.


Carolyn illuminated my values, identity, and life goals. Her coaching style is exceptional, propelling me effortlessly to new heights. With Carolyn’s guidance, I found joy and ease in reaching my next level.

I’m dedicated to empowering bold women like you – the givers, the ones who’ve always placed others ahead,  the ones whose souls are stirring, the ones who recognise that now is their time. Bold women like you, who yet, despite knowing the path, you stand as your only obstacle letting fear and self-sabotage drive actions that undermine your triumphs and joy.

I’m here to help you embrace the wisdom amassed through years and reshape it into a compelling next chapter. Here, you

radiate authenticity and vitality

live your purpose, amplify your voice

and rediscover joy with every step.

I create a secure haven for the brave and bold-hearted souls, ready to cease self-sabotage and embrace their uniqueness. Here, you’ll uncover your identity and aspirations, kindling your distinct radiance in the world.


Amid varied paths available, heed your hearts’ call and take action now. With my guidance, you’ll advance at your chosen pace, shedding inhibitions that hinder your triumphs and joy.

Explore a treasure trove of resources to excite your adventurous spirit on your journey of self-discovery. Here you can immerse yourself in my curated collection of cherished tools, illuminating reports, captivating podcast episodes, and a wealth of other offerings – all easily and readily accessible.

Ready to dive in?

Let’s do this!

I encourage you to take a leap of faith and get in touch to see how I could help you step up and make the rest of your life the absolute best of your life.


Regard me as your unwavering ally, your partner in progress, an enable of your transformation, and a compass for your soul’s journey. I’m here to support you in forging a life and legacy that remains faithful to your essential self.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, serving brave and bold women worldwide

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