From overlooked, overwhelmed and over-it-all to flourishing, fearless and fulfilled

Give me any mid-level executive/professional who is intensely frustrated at being consistently overlooked, repeatedly ignored, suffering from overwhelm, imposter syndrome, and just stuck in their career and life and in 12 weeks that person will be in a role that reflects their abilities, pays another $25k a year and has clarity towards further achievement and impact, so far thought impossible.

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It’s time we put an end to the toxic, dissatisfying lifestyle that glorifies overwork and excessive striving. Join us in redefining success, balancing your professional and personal life, and challenging stress as the status quo.

This is a 12-week program where you will learn how to unleash your inner gamechanger and take control of your professional life, getting the job you deserve and the pay you’re worth, all without smooching up to your boss or selling your soul.

Wondering if this is for you?

If you answered YES to any of the above, 

AND you know it is time for you to take control, 

then, of course, 


What you get when you join the

You are seen, heard, valued, recognised and respected for your contributions.

You wake up everyday with a sense of purpose, eager to tackle the challenges ahead.

You love going to work and feel fulfilled by the work you do, with a clear sense of purpose and meaning.

You’re in control of your workload, able to say no, have a good balance of tasks and projects that align with your values.

You’re making steady progress towards your goals, with a sense of accomplishment and pride in your progress and achievement.

You’re energised, both physically and mentally, with a sense of vitality and well-being.

You’re confident in your abilities, knowing you have what it takes to make it to the next level and beyond.

You fell empowered and free, with a sense of control over your career and you life.

You have a supportive network of colleagues, mentors and friends who encourage and guide you.

You’re in a state of bliss, emotionally and physically, with a sense of peace, happiness and fulfillment.

What some clients say

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